Configuration Wizard

Please measure the depth of space that you want to organize. Determine if you want to organize multiple rows as they relate to your attic or crawl space opening. Enter that information in the boxes to the right of the illustration below. If you want full storage of the row and do not mind offloading totes or boxes, check the ´┐ŻOffload´┐Ż box. This will give you additional platform assemblies for maximum storage on the Attic Tracs. Enter that information in the box to the right; the Calculation Wizard will determine the number of units, extra platform assemblies, and extra rail assemblies to meet your needs.

Attic Crawl Space
Feet Offload1 Feet Offload1
Rail extension2 (feet)

Units needed for complete organization   @ $89.95  
Additional Platforms (packed 3 per assembly)   @ $34.95  
Additional Rail Assemblies (includes 2 rails, covers, screws, and three rail supports)   @ $24.75  
Suggested Order Total (click the button below to add items to cart)  

Typical Cluttered Storage Solution Sq. Ft. Cost Savings
Typical rented storage unit (annualized)      
Typical attic floor construction      

Each unit of Attic TracTM Plus gives you eight linear feet of track and up to 20 square feet of storage.

1Each additional platform assembly will give you up to an additional 20 square feet of storage space on existing track but you will have to offload boxes or totes if you need something from the back of the space.

2Additional rail assemblies will allow you to move items past the opening in order to not offload items loaded onto the track.

Installation Example