How it all started

I have always hated getting into the attic to find Christmas decorations or to put away those boxes lying around in the garage. One morning in January, I was trying to maneuver boxes into the attic and just couldn't throw any more into the space without some organizing. Upon climbing into the attic area, I was carrying a box of decorations and trying to balance on the narrow truss boards. When I took a step around one of the vertical truss members, my foot slipped. As I felt my ankle slide by the truss member, I dropped the box of decorations and grabbed for anything to steady my balance.

By that time my foot was already through the insulation and against the ceiling. Visions of me going through the ceiling and landing on the car below flashed before me. I had fallen through attic ceilings before, so the memories flooded in a split second. Luckily, I caught myself before I fell through, but I paid for it with a twisted back, scraped ankle, and broken decorations.

Once I crawled back to the attic opening, I sat on the stairs to catch my breath. Surveying the situation, I thought, "There has to be an easier way to get organized in the attic." It was then that Attic Trac was born. It had to be simple to install for everyone, have the quality to stand up to the heat and moisture of the environment, extend the full length of the attic, and fit between truss construction.

I looked everywhere for some product that met the need, but found nothing, so I invented my own system of roller tracks, platforms, and cables to help organize our stuff. I received a patent in both the US and Canada for the product and began the process of making Attic TracTM Plus available to everyone.

Attic TracTM Plus has proven to be ideal for so many applications in storage and retrieval. The complete system works great in rafter construction, truss construction, under the house crawl spaces, under stairs, in unused basement areas, as well as other locations where people are finding a need to put their things away and yet have quick access to anything. May you no longer fear the scary attic and look forward to getting organized in the areas you never thought were available for organization without expensive construction.

Gary Balser

Inventor and Pioneer in Attic Storage

Gary wins NAPO Award
Lofty Vision presented Attic Trac plus at the National Association of Professional Organizers' (NAPO) Annual Conference the week of April23rd in Minneapolis. NAPO is the largest organization of Professional Organizers in the world. There were fifteen nominees in the new Residential Product categories and the competition was quite intense. We met with a large portion of the membership at the conference with many of them wanting to sign up as dealers in the US, Canada, and Internationally for Lofty Vision products. On Friday evening they announced the winner. When they announced Lofty Vision as the winner we were ecstatic in that the pros saw Attic Trac plus as the entry into the next organizational categories of the attic storage and organization of other wasted spaces. As we enter the main stream marketing of Attic Trac, Lofty Vision is prepared to supply volume products to the marketplace. Other national exposure is planned for future events.